How do I use Door Ding Defender app?

  • Launch app when you are near your destination

  • If you mount your phone to the dash, make sure your phone is vertical and positioned in the direction of your car.

  • If you are holding your phone, likewise, make sure your phone is vertical to the direction of your car.

  • While observing the car image screen layout, park your vehicle in the direction that gives you the least risk of a door dent situation:

  • Green – Low Risk

  • Yellow – Medium Risk

  • Red – High Risk

How does Door Ding Defender app work?

  • Door Ding Defender collects “real time” weather/wind, GPS and Compass data and processes this information via our patent pending algorithm

  • Once the data is processed, a risk level is created in the form of visual feedback (Red, Yellow or Green) as to your risk of a door dent situation occurring from an adjacent vehicle

How can I lower my risk of Door Dings?

  • Using this app of course when ever you park your car!

  • I’ve collected and documented numerous strategies that you can use to lower your chances of Door Dings to your vehicle and protecting your investment.  Visit my website and subscribe to my blog for more info:

Why does the Vehicle Direction not function properly?

  • Door Ding Defender utilizes the internal Apple iPhone Compass app which at times does not function properly.  i.e. Compass show’s North when in fact it is pointing in another direction

  • Unfortunately this is an Apple iOS anomaly

  • I have found that if you start the Apple compass first and let it run in the back ground for 10 to 15 minutes, it will calibrate to the proper North/South/East/West direction.  You can then use the Door Ding Defender app with confidence!

App Privacy Policy

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