If you are a car enthusiast, you do all the the right things to keep your vehicle looking it's best: frequent washes, annual waxes, parking your vehicle away from the elements etc.  All your hard work in keeping your vehicle looking its best can be negated by a single careless adjacent vehicle occupant ... via the dreaded "Door Ding!"

Every time you leave your unattended vehicle in a parking lot, you are at the mercy of other's who can potentially cause door dents or commonly known, "door dings" to your vehicle.  Door dings happen from a variety of situations.  Careless drivers opening their doors striking your vehicle.  Even runaway shopping carts.  Many times, these occurrences are due to wind conditions.  A car door can easily be caught by a wind gust causing the door to swing open and striking your prized possession!  Therefore, the position of your vehicle relative to the wind direction is a prime factor in preventing unintentional door dings.  

Door Ding Defender is the first smart phone app of it's kind that may help prevent "door dings" from occurring to your vehicle due to wind conditions.

How it works:

Using Door Ding Defender and common sense parking strategies, you can dramatically minimize your chances of door dings, thus preserving your vehicle's appearance and saving you money from costly door dent repairs!

Door Ding Defender uses real time weather, GPS and your vehicle position to provide you instant feedback whether you are parked in a situation that your vehicle could be damaged due to inadvertent wind conditions.  The app processes this information and calculates and displays three threat levels:

  • Red (High Threat)
  • Yellow (Medium Threat)
  • Green (Low Threat)

Using this information and using various strategies you can find on our website & blog, you can chose a parking location that will drastically minimize your risk of "door dings" due to wind conditions in congested parking lots.

Medium Threat

High Threat

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Low Threat

Low Threat